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Tankini Top

$135 to $267

Tankinis come with a Decent Exposures® bra inside and a tank shell outside. Available with a scoop- or racer-back, and your choice of length and width of the tank shell.

The traditional style works best for A-F cups since the inner bra is not lined. The tank shell is attached along the entire neckline and armholes.

The modified style works better for larger cup sizes with a lined bra inside. The tank shell has a fuller cut and is tacked to the bra only at the shoulder seams and the armhole side seams. Please note the correct price is $10 less than what appears on this page (the correct price will be listed in the shopping cart and confirmed by email).

The 2" ribbing at the ribcage is softer and less supportive than the standard covered elastic.

Tankinis are also available in non-swim fabrics.

  • Traditional Scoop - Style 910
  • Traditional Racer - Style 920
  • Modified Scoop - Style 930
  • Modified Racer - Style 940
  • Traditional Scoop  - Style 910
  • Traditional Racer - Style 920
  • Modified Scoop - Style 930
  • Modified Racer - Style 940
  • Traditional Scoop  - Style 910
  • Traditional Racer - Style 920
  • Modified Scoop - Style 930
  • Modified Racer - Style 940

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    + Sizing Info

    Women Sizes

    Measuring Your Bra Size

    No method of measuring guarantees a perfect fit for everyone the first time. The chart below is a guide to give you a place to begin.

    • Measure rib cage (under breasts). This is your bra size (32, 34, etc.). Round up to even numbers.
    • Measure fullest part of bust (best with a bra on).
    Bust minus rib cage measurement Cotton, Cotton/Lycra® or Dri-Release® cup size Velour, Lined Lycra® or Lined Dri-Release® cup size
    0 - 1 inch A B
    1 - 2 inches B C
    2 - 3 inches C D
    3 - 5 inches D E
    5 - 7 inches E F
    7 - 8.5 inches F G
    8.5 - 10 inches G H
    10 - 11.5 inches H I
    11.5 - 13 inches I J
    13 - 15.5 inches J K
    15.5 - 17 inches K L

    If the above method yields a result which is much different from what you are used to, order what makes sense to you. We recommend ordering either your current size or a size between what you wear and what you measure.

    Sometimes ordering two different sizes can help you get the right fit more quickly, knowing that one or both can be exchanged or refunded if returned in their original condition. See our return policy.

    A fitting guide is included with each purchase to help you fine-tune your fit.

    Girl Sizes

    Girl sizes are based on rib measurement and age. For many, size runs true to age (i.e. 8 year olds wear size 8). Just as with adults, no one measurement guarantees a perfect fit the first time. The chart at right is a good place to start.

    Size Rib Measurement
    4 18-20"
    6 20-22"
    8 23-25"
    10 26-28"
    12 30"
    14 32"
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    + How to Measure

    How to Measure for your Made-to-Order Tankini

    How to Measure for your Made-to-Order Tankini

    1. Determine your bra size.
    2. Measure from underarm downward for desired side seam length.
    3. Measure around your body at bottom edge of where tank will fall for hip measurement.
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If you need customizing of your order (i.e. latex free elastic or other modifications you have had to previous orders), use the “Special Instructions” box when checking out to make your requests.