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We know it can be a challenge to order bras online, but after more than two decades of fitting women long-distance, we are confident that we can help you. While everyone hopes to order the right size and get that perfect fit right away, it helps to look at the “process” of finding the right size. For some, your current size will be just right. For others, our sizing may run quite differently. We can help you find the right size and fit and will do our best to simplify the process. Best of all, we will keep a record of your final “specs” so you can reorder your perfect size for years to come!

Hours of Operation
Mon-Thurs 7AM-7PM Pacific Time
Friday 9AM-5PM Pacific Time

1-800-524-4949 (US / Canada)
206-364-4540 (Seattle / Overseas)

Adjustments / Exchanges

We hope you find your Decent Exposures® apparel the most comfortable you've ever worn. We know it can be a challenge to order through the mail, but after more than two decades of fitting women long distance, we are confident that we can help you get the perfect fit.

Guaranteed Quality: We guarantee the workmanship of all products we sell. We will repair or replace any items that do not meet our high standards.

Exchanges/Refunds: We will exchange or refund any items that are returned in their original condition within 60 days. Once items have been worn (not just tried on) or laundered, we can adjust them, but we cannot exchange or refund them. Return/Exchange Form

Re-makes: Adjustments can be made to most items even if they have been worn or laundered. Items will be adjusted free of charge within 60 days of purchase. After 60 days, we offer the following adjustments for a nominal charge:

Add $5 if item is over 5 years old

Clothing/underwear adjustments vary - please inquire for current pricing

All Prices Include FIrst Class Shipping and are subject to change without notice

Return Policy

We will gladly exchange or refund any item returned in its original condition within 60 days of purchase. Once an item has been worn or laundered, it can be returned for adjustments, but cannot be exchanged or refunded. A fitting guide enclosed with each order explains these adjustments.

Return/Exchange Form

Shipping Options

Because we make to order, when we confirm your order we will let you know specifically when we expect to ship the order and the total amount we will bill your credit card.

We have many items in stock, which can be shipped in 1-3 days. Colors and sizes vary daily. When we receive your order we check our stock to see if there is anything in the size/style/fabric you have ordered and we let you know via e-mail what is available, should you want to change your order and take what is in stock.

To the right is a table to help you understand shipping times and costs. If you need your order by a specific date, please indicate this on the "special instructions" section of the order form, or call us at 206-364-4540 or 1-800-524-4949 to place your order.

Outside US, please inquire.

Type Turnaround Items Cost
1st Class US Mail about 3 1/2 weeks FREE
US Priority Mail 13-14 days 1 - 1 $12.00
2 - 3 $20.00
4 - 6 $30.00
7 - 9 $40.00
10 - 12 $50.00
13 - 15 $60.00
Overnight/Express 9-10 Days 2 - 3 $45.00
4 - 6 $55.00
7 - 9 $65.00
10 - 12 $75.00
13 - 15 $85.00
1 - 1 $35.00