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Fabric Choices

See ouravailable colors. Email us or call to request sample swatches.

Elastic - ¼” wide, latex-free (white)

¼” elastic is 70% polyester/30% latex-free Lycra®.

Elastic - 1” wide, latex-free (white)

1” elastic is 80% polyester/20% latex-free spandex.

100% Organic Cotton - Cream and Black

Soft, medium-weight, 100% organic cotton interlock, prewashed and dried to minimize shrinkage. Recommended for smaller cup sizes (A-E), night-time/leisure wear for larger sizes, or for those who have not worn a bra for a long time or are allergic to spandex.

“Organic” cotton is grown without pesticides or other chemicals, then spun and finished using non-toxic agents. Cream is undyed.

100% Organic Cotton - Colors

This is the same weight and softness as our 100% Organic Cotton - Cream and Black, but in different colors.

Colors can change fairly often, email us if you'd like to be notified when new colors are added.

“Organic” cotton is grown without pesticides or other chemicals, then spun and finished using non-toxic agents.

Light-Weight 100% Organic Cotton and Cotton Eyelet

Our light-weight organic cotton is great for smaller cup sizes, underpants, boxers and summer-weight clothing.

The teal eyelet (not organic) is slightly textured for a more feminine look.


Cotton/spandex holds its shape (and holds you in) better than 100% cotton. It is great for A-F cups, and nursing moms who want a little more support. Cream and white are 86% cotton/14% latex-free spandex, the rest are 90% cotton / 10% latex-free spandex. Those made with (organic) after their name are made using organic cotton.

Dri-Release® Wicking Fabric

78% polyester, 14% cotton, 8% latex-free spandex. Designed especially for us, our Dri-Release® fabric fits similar to cotton/spandex but wicks away moisture to keep you dry year round.

Lined cotton/spandex or Lined Dri-Release®

Two layers in front offer firm support. Cooler and thinner than velour. Especially great for D-K cups and nursing moms needing firm support, as it has more “give” for lifting up and down all day.

Cotton/Polyester Velour

76% cotton, 24% polyester. A little heavier and warmer than the lined bras, but stretches less. Works great as an exercise bra for smaller sizes (A-C), or everyday active-wear for all sizes. Can be used as a 2nd bra over a lined bra for extra support during exercise.

Nylon/Spandex Swim Fabric

Our solid color nylon/spandex fabric is a little sturdier than the polyester/spandex, but may fade quickly in some chlorinated pools. All are latex-free.

Polyester/Spandex Swim Fabric

The print swim fabrics are a polyester/spandex blend and are always latex-free. Now offering black in a polyester/spandex blend as well, so it holds up better in chlorinated water.

Polyester Chloroban® Swim Fabric

This 100% polyester fabric offers maximum chlorine resistance, UV protection even when wet, and is extremely color-fast and quick-drying. Without lycra, it is a little less stretchy, does not need to be lined, and is completely latex-free.

Email us or call to request sample swatches.